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About Us

The Brand

The eight - legged horse from the SLEIPNIR logo is the horse of the god Odin in Norse mythology.
According to the legend SLEIPNIR is the best among horses. he is a large, muscular horse with eight legs instead of four.
He can gallop faster, jump higher, kick harder, and whinny louder than any other horse.
His strength knows no equal, and his heart knows no fear.


The Creation

Splendid, Exquisite, Magnificent, Luxurious, Queenly, Divine.
Our designer, setter, Jeweler and engraver, work collaboratively to create harmonious, balanced designs for our collection.
The entire process is done by hand, in house by our experts.


Carat by Carat

Our company retains a vast inventory of Diamonds, cut and polished at the highest standards of craftsmanship.
All of our Jewelry are made from our finest Natural GIA Diamonds collection, In house by the best craftsman and designed by our in house designers.
We believe that in our line of business, Trust is the most valuable asset we will ever possess.
This notion defines the way we do business.
That is why we are dedicated to Earning your trust Carat by Carat.